Direct Hire

​​Each potential candidate brings a different set of professional experiences and expectations.  When attempting to connect with your next professional opportunity, it’s imperative to understand there are several options to consider.  The ability to best communicate your preferences will provide the most effective way to finding employment.

This type of position is ideal for candidates who wish to find the best permanent position at the best available compensation level.  Direct Hire means the employer is hiring and not an agency.  Employers seeking Direct Hires are usually time sensitive in that the company wishes to fill the position quickly.


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This type of position is ideal for candidates who are interested in the potential of a contract position turning into something more permanent with a client.  A Contract-To-Hire position starts as an independent, but strongly entertains the idea of becoming a regular permanent employee with benefits and a set pay rate or hourly rate


This type of position is ideal for candidates who actively embrace new environments and challenges.  A Contract Position is a temporary job based on a specific amount of time listed in the employment contract. With a Contract Position, there may be an option for a renewal after the contract is complete. Contracting is a beneficial way to get your foot in the door.  Failure to complete expected tasks warrants grounds for dismissal.  Most contract jobs do not pay for health insurance, retirement, etc.

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