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Resume Writing Guidelines

NCG has over 25 years experience presenting viable candidates to employers nationwide. By utilizing the constructive tips below, NCG strives to successfully conclude your professional search.

Does having the best resume format really matter? Absolutely! A solid resume format makes it easy for employers to view — in a few seconds — that you have the qualifications to do the job. Errors and unnecessary detail only detract from your professional and educational experience.

• Whether it’s 30 or 60 seconds, those reviewing your resume will form opinions in a very short amount of time. Time spent writing your resume in a way that highlights your core skills and major accomplishments, preferably on the first page, will present a most confident candidate.

• Be specific when citing technologies used, project details, and business impacts. Always assume your resume will be reviewed first by a non-technical professional, and tailor it accordingly.

• Describe duties and responsibilities for each position in detail. Use bulleted lists. Don’t assume listing the job title is enough. Use job descriptions from previous employers to ensure accurate verbiage.

• PROOFREAD! – don’t rely solely on yourself. Have a friend or family member review your resume for spelling, grammatical, and formatting errors prior to sending to potential employers. Interview Preparation Tips

• Prior to interview, research the company and position. The company’s corporate website and LinkedIn may be valuable resources to get started. Be ready to answer basic questions such as “What do you know about our company” and “What do you know about the position”.

• Arrive 15 minutes early for interviews to allow adequate time for security check in and last minute preparation. This also shows you are organized and able to manage your calendar. Have a photo ID with you since it is often needed to check in with building security.

• If you are having a phone interview, be sure you are in an area that you will not be disturbed by people or loud noises. If you are taking the interview on your cell phone, be sure you are in an area with good coverage.

• Even if the company maintains a business casual environment, dress in conservative business professional attire. • Bring a folder with several copies of your resume, a notepad, pen, and a list of potential questions to ask the interviewers.

• Limit distraction during the interview. Turn your cell phone off. Even when set to vibrate mode, the noise created by a phone can be a distracting.

• When closing the interview remember to ask each interviewer for their business card (so you have a record of their name, title, and contact information for thank you emails), reaffirm your interest level, and ask for next steps.

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